"Proud", "Brave/Fearless", "Almighty" [Swahili]
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Jabari is never actually present in "The Forges of Dawn", but he is mentioned several times. It is stated that he died some years before the start of the book.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Jabari is a deep brownish-orange lyon with a thick brown mane and bright orange eyes. His nose is brown, eyebrows scruffy, and his face is slightly angular. Underneath his left eye are two long scars, as well as one crossing the bridge of his nose. Two dusky blue feathers are tied behind his ears, as well as a small braid.


Jabari is an honorable, brave and protective lyon but can be stubborn and demanding. He has compassion, however, even if the person is supposed to be his enemy. He also a bit vengeful, wildly throwing himself alone at a hound to avenge his fallen family.


In EscapeEdit

Jabari is simply wandering when Kamaria collides with him as she flees from her houndified father, Oduor. He ignores her at first, but when the hound appears on the scene, about to kill her, Jabari goes on the attack, clinging to it's head and tearing at it's ears, ignoring the damage done to himself.

Kamaria uses her magic of confusion to give Jabari an edge and, digging into the neck of the beast, he manages to snap the Hounds spine and kill it.

Afterwards, he and Kamaria get into a small scuffle for insulting each other's respective deceased family members. Then Jabari realizes Kamaria can do magic and grows wary. When Kamaria begins to sob for her deceased father, though, this all melts away.

In A Vicious CircleEdit

Pursued by Pale Ones, Jabari stays behind to ward hounds off the tail of his pride. He is killed in the process, skinned by Fuga, but his sacrifice and Kamaria's Magic buy the pride a great many years of peace before the Pale Ones once again come knocking.

In The Forges of DawnEdit

Jabari was with the pride in it's beginnings, but upon being pursued by hounds, he lays his life on the line to buy his family time to get away and prosper. His sacrifice is not in vain -- not for a while, anyway.