Species Name J'Rund
Average Height ???
Average Weight ???
Lifespan Unknown
Diet Primarily Carnivorous
Sentient? Yes
Familiar Name Jaguarundi

The J'Runds are a catlike species in the Iron Lyons Universe. Their real-life name is the Jaguarundi.


In Iron LyonsEdit

J'runds have yet to appear in Iron Lyons.

In RealityEdit

Also called the eyra cat, Jagaurundi are native to central and south america. They have short legs, long tails, and long bodies with pelts they range from reddish-fawn to dark grey. This species goes through a color phase, grey for darker pelted individuals and red for reddish pelted cats.

They are born with spots and have faint markings on their faces, though these spots disappear. They can live up to ten years, and become sexually mature at two years. A female gestates kittens for two months and some odd days, then gives birth to anywhere from one to five kittens.

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