J'gars are the evolved form of jaguars in the Iron Lyon Universe. They live in The Hidden Lands.


In Iron LyonsEdit

J'gars have yet to make an appearance in the Iron Lyons Universe.

In RealityEdit

Jaguars are one of the four panthera cats in the feline family, the other three being Leopards, Tigers, and Lions. They closely resemble leopards but are generally larger and built sturdier. They typically live in forests, but can also be found on open terrains. Like the tiger, it is a feline that enjoys water, instead of avoid it.

Female Jaguars sexually mature at two years of age, males at three or four, and they mate throughout the year with no set season. Captive jaguars do not breed as well as wild ones do. The male takes no part in rearing the young, the female giving birth to up to four cubs, though two is the average litter size. Young Jaguars follow their mother around for about two years, then go on the establish a territory of their own.

Jaguars are among the longest lived cats, lasting 15 years in the wild and 25 in captivity.

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