Iz's Pride Comingsoon
Residence Western Endia
Composition Lyons
Current Leader Iz & Sinivali
Past Leaders Unknown
Heir Unknown

Iz's Pride is a bride of Barbari Lyons that live just outside The Waste.



Their history is unknown, however they do seem to have a long standing feud with the Heathen Barbari Prides. Iz had a brother, but he was taken by the Waste. Iz himself is originally from a Heathen Barbari Pride.

During the time of Vireka, the pride takes in and hosts the band of animals that would eventually spell the fall of the Pale Ones: Uru, Ming Huo, Modak, and Tarute.


Like most non-heathen Barbari, these lyons pride themselves on hospitality, accepting strangers among them, even training them in the art of battle, and mourning them should they be heading to The Wastes. These lyons sleep below ground. They also have no qualms with letting a lyonesse fight males in their ongoing battle with the Heathens, should she prove herself large enough or skilled enough.


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