"Lord", "Master", "Supreme Spirit" [Sanskrit]
The Forges of Dawn
Close Kin
Unnamed Brother
Sinivali (cousin)

Together with his cousin, Sinivali, Iz leads a pride of Barbari Lyons who live alongside The Waste.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Iz is a brown lyon with a mane of mohagany . He is tall enough to be able to loom over Uhuru -- a lyonesse bigger than many males she meets -- so it could be said he is a tall lyon. He was often seen with a length of bone in his mouth, not unlike a toothpick.


Iz is as demanding and harsh as the desert the Barbari lyons live in.


Iz mentions he was originally from a Heathen Barbari tribe

In The Forges of DawnEdit

Iz is the leader of a pride of hardened warriors that live in the desert -- a pride of Barbari Lyons. When Uru and her group happen across them, they are curious about her hound friend Tarute and taken by her bloody red pelt color, allowing them to stay and trained against their pride females. Iz sets Uru up against Hanu, and teaches her a few things.

Later, he and Sinivali try and get her to join their pride, seeing value in her size and budding battle prowess, but she turns them down. Instead, they wish her luck, but forget her as they have forgotten all who have wandered into the Waste.

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