"Symmetry" [Swahili]
Character Sheets
Close Kin
Lostris (mate)
Pigakabari (daughter)

Itidal was the former Duke of Green Ridges.


Itidal is a loud and brash lyon with pride and arrogance to spare. Like his mate, he is covetous and self-serving, looking to free his family from the imperial family's bonds and usurp them as he does. However, he can dial this down to a harmless veneer of niceness and loyalty. He isn't stupid, quite the contrary.


Itidal is a deep orange lyon, with a wild, two-toned reddish mane and yellow eyes. The fur of his cheeks spike up and down, and he is very severe looking. Like all Greenridgers, his ears are rimmed in brown, though the shade is darker than his inner ear instead of his main fur.


Before EoSEdit

Itidal was a Duke and along with his wife Lostris, he conspired against the imperial family -- Almaz and her children in particular. He tries to remove them from power by killing off their bloodline, and while partially successful, ultimately the attempt fails and he is striped of his titles and executed at the Empress' orders. In his place, the imperial guard who defeated him -- Sarkin -- is made governor of the lands, as reward for stopping the terrible damage.

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