The Iron Lyons Universe is the world in which all of the the stories written by E.M. Kinsey take place.


The stories are focused around the felines of our world, but mostly around Lyons of Afriik. It takes place on an alternate world where humans have been hunted to extinction, allowing other animals to thrive and grow after they learn how to master and create fire.


Reign of the Old WaysEdit

Back in the old days, before the birth of Jyotis and enlightenment period, lions ruled and lived short, brutal, hard lives. Devoid of any sort of civilization, war ran rampant among their kind and many died far earlier than they'd have lived otherwise. These Lions formed prides, reigned over by a single or several male and harem of females who may or may not have have consented to baring his cubs, but after roughly three or four years of ruling, another male would come along, kill or drive him away and then murder any cubs he left behind. The lionesses were typically helpless to watch, forced to leave or accept the murderer of their children. Lions fought to breed, to rule, and to simply exist.

The Great Jyotis and the New AgeEdit

Jyotis was born and different from all around him. He was a visionary and would champion his kind into a new age, one that sought peace over power, love over domination, and civilization from all. One that abhorred the old ways and welcomed in the new. Taking the witch Lang'at as his mate, the pair and their followers slowly whittled away at the old ways until their followers were scant in number. They had two sons, blackest Mōbōr and whitest Tšatši.

The White Lord vs. The Black EmperorEdit

Likely the founders of firstborn rule, Jyotis declared that Mōbōr, older by a few years, would succeed him in all things. Tšatši, as the younger brother, would simply be aide and advisor to the eldest. They were raised as normal children until they begin coming into their manes, where they showed the same magical promise as their mother. With that revelation, their teachings were handed over to her, but their powers were far greater than Lang'at's ever were. She tries to instill in them how to and not to use their powers, and while the white child hears and obeys, Mōbōr becomes obsessed with what his magic could grant him. He is no longer satisfied being a simple lord of Afriik -- he wants more and decides to take, killing all who stands in his way, including his mother.

Tšatši stays behind, him and his forces serving as a barrier between his brother's evil and Afriik. The two clash often, and they are long and bloody, but neither gains over the other. The brothers are too evenly matched, until the Black Emperor creates the ColdFyre. That breaks the stalemate, and with this armored weapon, Mōbōr moves in to take what he feels is his due. However, before he can arrive, his daughter -- one of many, many children he has -- turns traitor and brings a parcel of his fyre to her uncle, tired of her father's cruelty and not wanting to see it spread. From it, the White Lord creates the SunFyre and strikes both himself and his brother down to save Afriik. However, he also creates The Waste and The Tempest, magical constructs that endure until the time of The Prophesied Red Queen.

Other HistoriesEdit

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