The Following is a list of Terminology used in the Iron Lyons Universe and the meanings behind them. Similar to humans, the species featured in the shorts and stories have idioms.


  • Scrag - To strike, fight, or attack someone.
  • Rolled - To have one's Salt taken by force or stolen; Endian Terminology.
  • Heathen - Shorthand for the Heathen Babari Lyons who live close to the waste.
  • Grog - An alcoholic beverage.
  • Tumble - Euphemism for sex/sexual activity.
  • Youngblood - A young, inexperienced Pumara.
  • Yar - Used among Pirates and similar ilk. Can either mean "yes" or "you".
  • Blow me barnacles - Comparable to phrases like 'well I'll be damned' or 'well would you look at that'.
  • Stones - Said before a sentence declaring the difficulty or ease of a proposed task. "Hell" could be used in the same manner.
    • Hell, I could do that! = Stones, I could do that!
  • Piss their paws - Comparable to piss their pants.
  • By The Sun Above - A Sun Empire phrase. Comparable to What in Gods name?
  • Nosy Paws - Said by young cubs. Indicating an individual who listens in on the business of others.


  • Bonechewer - The Nautical variation of a healer.
  • Seer - An individual who can see into the future with some degree of accuracy.
  • Herd-Leader - The leader of a herd of free roaming ungulates.
  • Herd-Beast - Any animal of ungulate likeness that lyons herd or hunt.
  • Pride Leader - The Leader(s) of a pride.


  • Reptile - An insult used by mammals to refer to a particularly coldblooded, unfeeling individual.
    • Snake
  • Barbarian - A Pale One insult, used to disparagingly refer to Northern Lyons.
  • Dirt Pelt - Another Pale One insult, used to refer to lyons with especially darker colored pelts.
  • Fish-Eater - A slur to the any lyon who prefers fish over "real" prey, particular to the lyons Namua's Homeland.
  • Soft-Mouth - Another slur to lyons who prefer fish over "real" prey.
  • Cats - A disparaging Berenga generalization about Lyons.
  • Den Snowflake - A lyon, usually female, who's job is to stand around the den being "pretty" for their mate, who generally has more agency and power in the relationship.
  • Pox - An Illness, usually used as a curse.
    • I.EPox-Ridden

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