The Imperial City, also called Lochan's City[1], is where the Royals of the Endian Empire reside, both major and (some) minor. It is located near the coast of Endia.



The city is the home of several species, such as Utan, Tigrisian, or Berenga. It is the site of much trading, selling, and other commerce.

In The Forges of DawnEdit

Uru is brought to the city by Captian Wulan's crew when she falls into and bests The Tempest. She is taken in by Prince Lochan when the possibility of her being a Afriikan Lyonesse is made apparent. She ends up in the dungeons beneath the city when she angers Empress Chetna and meets the infamous pirate Yǔ Sōng while imprisoned. She escapes the city in his company to the lawless Laksha Isles.



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