Impa'zi are Chimpanzees in the Iron Lyons universe.


In The Forges of DawnEdit

Impazis are where the lyons learned to use their dewclaws for tasks that required a degree of dexterity. They are cousins to the Goras, Utans, and Hairless Apes. They have yet to appear anywhere else.

In RealityEdit

Chimpanzees are highly intelligent old-world apes who are closely related to humans and practically identical to Bonobos. They use tools, then pass down this knowledge to their children throughout the generations. Chimps are led by an Alpha Male and a rung of higher ranked beta males who get the pick of the females. Female relationships are uncommon and weak when they do occur.

Females are relegated to the absolute bottom of the hierarchy, as are their children, unless they share rank with a higher ranked male through mating. Male chimps make up the core of a troop. The common chimpanzee has an omnivorous diet, a troop hunting culture based on beta males led by an alpha male, and highly complex social relationships.

The hierarchy of a chimp is sporadic and the alpha male keeps his power through violently keeping down the other males. An overly abusive Alpha male however risks angering the female Chimps who will band together and chase him away if he annoys them too greatly. Murder isn't abnormal among chimpanzees. Infanticide isn't either, and males are almost always the perpetrators of both. Males will form alliances with other males and then gang up on lone males within a group to increase standing. Females will do this as well, but more-so for their own protection, using the males as shields against other males.

Lone chimpanzee do exist and are arguably the most dangerous of the species, as infanticide mostly comes from their number. Lone females immediately try to make themselves the members of an existing group, typically mating to an established male to gain entry.


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