The Ujiti Pride Comingsoon
Residence Southern Afriik
Composition Hynar
Current Leader Unknown
Past Leaders Unknown
Heir Unknown

The Hynar Territories are located southernmost of Afriik, where most of the Hynar are born, raised, and die.


They are the last bastions of the Hynar species. They have been heavily slaughtered and pushed further and further south as the history of the Lyons proceeds. Now confined solely to the south (existing nowhere else in any significant numbers), the Hynar are not considered a serious threat to The Pale Ones and so they have been ignored for a number of generations. Under such pressure and constraints, the Hynar have been forced to unite themselves into one huge clan -- infighting and differences are put aside as much as they can be in favor of species survival.


The Hynar clans used to be individual groupings of hyenas, but aggressions from the Pale Ones see them clumping together and fighting a campaign against those Pale Lyons. They lose this conflict and are confined south.

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