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Hotio is a minor side-character in "The Forges of Dawn". He is one of two Pride Leaders in Uhuru's Pride, and the more dominant of the two.  

Physical AppearanceEdit

Hotio is a large, somewhat scruffy male done all over in shades of orange. His main pelt is a lighter hue of the color, while his mane is a darker, slightly redder shade. He has dark red eyes and a brown nose, as well as slightly angular, scarred face.


A natural leader, Hotio shares a lot of personality traits with his daughter Uhuru, although he can't seem to see this. For example, he is stubborn with a fiery temper, but well meaning and protective of the pride. Despite being it's leader and somewhat conservative, Hotio is open minded and willing to trust and consider the words and judgement of his mate, Asta, and brother.


In Living HistoryEdit

Fanus gives his daughter his blessing to leave with Koto and Hotio, two males planning to go rogue, Hotio having caught Asta's eyes. Later, further in the story, Asta tells Hotio she's finally passed on her bracelet. Hotio lazily comments about wondering where it went, not seeing the significance in the actions or the bracelet itself.

In Vicious CircleEdit

Along with his brother Koto, Hotio leads his pride away from the clutches of a Pale One and his pack of searching hounds. They walk for days and eventually disappear with the help of Kamaria's Magic.

In The Forges of Dawn Edit

Hotio leads his pride alongside Koto, keeping the land and pride safe. He despairs over his daughter who cannot and seemingly will not fit into her role as a hunter. Uhuru wants to earn her lot as a warrior, and while Hotio is against this at first, Asta renders all his protest useless and he forced to consider it. One day, Koto senses trouble some ways out, and Hotio sends his eagle Luja to scout it out. The bird returns, reporting he has found a Cold Spot, which Hotio and Koto investigate. Some time later, they hear a scream and dash in to find Uhuru has touched a blighted.

Gathering her up, the trio heads out of the spot, but not without incident. Uhuru has gotten fed up with not knowing anything, blames her father, and the two have a very brief falling out before Koto steps in and promises to answer any questions his neice has if Hotio does not. Hotio is not pleased, and tries to pull rank, but backs down when Koto calls his bluff about any punishment.

Hotio is last seen defending his pride from a Trio of Hounds. He and Koto both die in the attempt.


Hotio had the blood of several lyons able to use magic in his veins, however he dies before he ever awakens it and Kamaria presumably never taught him how to make use of it.

  • Unknown/Not Awakened