"Cunning" "Deceit" "Subterfuge" [Swahili]
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Close Kin
Unnamed Father
Unknown Mate
Alfajiri (son)
Galaka (son)
Ledimo (son)

Hila is a lyonesse a part of a group of female dominated lyons called the Shard Sultanate.


Hila is a lyonesse of ashen colors with a lighter underpelt, with a wild fringe of fur starting on her head and running down her neck. There is a Marozi-like striping underneath her eyes, which are orange in color. Her face is fairly angular, her nose very dark and her the lower portion of her muzzle devoid of secondary pelt coloring. The underpelt coloring on her chest is minimal and her paws completely lack colors. Her ears are rather small and her tail tuft is dark grey.


Hila is a misandric lyonesse like the rest of her number, sly and sharp. She is very vicious and very disdainful as well as a vengeful beast. She delights in the suffering and anger of others, particularly her son Galaka, intentionally comparing him to her halfwit father just so she can laugh at his ineffectual rage and make him clean up the mess he's made.



This lady hails from the what was known as the Shard Sultanate, led by a female ruler, the Shard Sultana. They live underground in a vast sort of cave-city, with mysterious ways. They come out at night and are rarely seen, and are very female centered. They hate males except as breeding vessels, although they are not above using males as spies and agents for their hidden agendas; they understand quite well how the outside world works. The Shards breed for darkness in their pelts, working towards the opposite goal from the Pale Ones, and they worship a dark death goddess rather than the white Lyon Tšatši or his father Jyotis. Ritual scars are also used here, but only for criminals, not for felines of standing.

Hila herself is no different than the rest of her kind, and holds males in contempt. Her sons hold value only as weapons to use against every other Lyon society, and she uses them for this plan with utter ruthlessness and disregard for their lives. She calls them her "little King Slayers", and so they are.

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