HeartFyre was created by Uru in her face off against Vireka. It is a type of Blood Magic.



Uhuru created the HeartFyre when Vireka strikes down Tarute. According to Mōbōr, is born from love and the pain of losing a loved one.


HeartFyre is as two sided as love itself, able to bring great pain, great joy, and conquer anything. Even death has no dominion over love, thus HeartFyre possesses the ability to bring dead loved ones back to life. However, it can destroy as other Fyres can, burning the flesh and very bones from whoever it catches in it's winds. HeartFyre appears to be stronger than even ColdFyre. When Uhuru uses it, Vireka cannot efficiently summon his magic to defend himself and it even appears as if his Fyre is being devoured by her own.

Heartfyre is red, but more intensely so than normal Fyre.