Hairless Ape
Avg. Height 5'0 - 5'9
8'11" (Tallest Male Specimen)
8'1" (Tallest Female Specimen)
Avg. Weight 175 pounds
Lifespan 70+ Years
Familiar Name Human

Hairless Apes were early humans in the Iron Lyons universe, mentioned in The Forges of Dawn prologue and nowhere else.


In The Forges of DawnEdit

In the prologue, it is revealed Lyons learned how to control and manipulate fire from them, as well as a few other things, before deciding to kill them off. They are extinct in the Iron Lyons world.

In RealityEdit

Humans are omnivorous creature from the great ape family and the only living member of the hominin family. Though animals, they generally don't consider themselves such, and are set apart from most other animals because of their complex brains and societies. Humans are the dominant species on earth, living everywhere from the hottest to coldest climes.

Humans come in a variety of colors, from almost stark white to near pitch black, with browns and yellows in between. Their eyes are usually brown, but colors such as blue, amber, green, gray, hazel, and even hetero chromatic combinations do exist. They are the only apes in the Great Ape family lacking fur, aside from on their heads, which is referred to as hair.

The society of humans tend to patriarchal, with males -- called men -- in the most powerful and important roles while females are rarely seen in these positions. This is in keeping with most other apes (sans the Bonobo, which is female centered) such as the Orangutan, Gorilla, and Chimpanzee which are all male dominated.

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