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Habtom is one of the seven members of the Sun Council. He hails from the conquered land, Green Ridges.


Unlike the Lyons in the main portion of the Empire, Habtom is more of an orange tone vs. yellow or gold. Even his eyes are orange, as is his mane, and the tips of his ears are masked in a darker brown color. Habtom is scruffy, with an angular face and a beard, man standing up in a ridge on his head.


Habtom is a careless Lyon, who uses his position to procure the finer things in life, such as food and mistresses (and some says misters too), of which he has a boatload of. A misogynistic animal, Habtom doesn't much care for politics and throws his vote in with whomever can curry his favor the best. With regard to his lovers, he sees them as disposable as soon as they become an assest, discarding them when they do.



Habtom is yet another Council member. His seat is created by Empress Moswen to give Green Ridges some representation in the Empire, but he seeks only to serve himself. His vote goes to whomever can bribe him the most, and it is rumored he holds lavish parties to host 'bidding wars' for his favor. He likes the finer things in life, and surrounds himself with nubile young Lyonesses (and some say young males, too...), all of whom he pretends are the light of his life and reason for being right up until he grows bored with them. As soon as they become inconvenient to his lifestyle (clinging, professing love, etc.), he trashes his current assortment and gets new ones. Everything is disposable to him, especially other living beings, and he feels no remorse for this attitude. He RELISHES having everything he desires as he desires it, and to hell with what anyone else thinks or feels.

One of his many conquests was the figure of Pigakabari, who comes to him on behest of her mother and attempts to sway him to bring up the matter of her family in some future Council session. He convinces her he totally feels for her plight, but really he just wants to sleep with her, and sleep with her he does -- right up until she gets pregnant. THEN he throws her out and moves on to the next pretty thing, leaving Pikagabari to the shame of having been used and now carrying a child without being formally mates with the father. This will sour her towards males -- and the Empire -- for all of her life.

Before Empires of SandEdit

It is known that he accidentally impregnated one of his mistresses, Pigakabari, then promptly sent her away, shaming her. After Moswen's death, he isn't particularly affected. It is unknown if he was caught up in Usodai's torrent of death and destruction as he searched for his mother's killer(s).

In Empires of SandEdit

Habtom is seen only in flashbacks.

Other RelationsEdit

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