The Guardians Comingsoon
Residence The Waste (formerly)
Composition Various Animals
Current Leader None (Group Inactive)
Past Leaders Nirnasha
Heir None

The Guardians are a myriad of undead creatures who lurk about in the waste.



They were either originally scorched by the SunFyre or killed and turned into such by existing guardians. They are led by Nirnasha and guard The Waste, destroying all who tread it without discrimination. The guardians do this for millenniums, and it isn't until the arrival of Uru, one of the Red Queens, do they finally leave the Waste.

Hearing of Uru's quest, Nirnasha agrees to lead his army of undead against the Pale Ones. They fight alongside Uru at the Black Mountains, savaging the guards. It is also hinted that the Goras did not survive their wrath either, even as they fled and weren't truly allied to the lyons anyway.

After Uru destroys Tšatši's skull with the ColdFyre, they die for true, dissolving into ash.