Green Ridges Comingsoon
Composition Lyons
Current Leader Baroness Akoko
Past Leaders
Founder Unknown

Baron Itidal & Duchess Lostris

  • (Titles transfered to Sarkin)

Baron Sarkin & Baroness Galira
Baron Gwaride & Baroness Ulaini, Baroness Dresa
Baron Jajiko & Baroness Haramia

Heir Unkown

Green Ridges is one portion of the Sun Empire.


Green Ridges was once an independent land and people before the Sun Empire conquered it and brought it under their control. Displacing the royal family native there, the Sun lyons appointed governors to rule in their places [1]. They do so and but overtime become more a part of green ridges than the main body of the empire, until Itidal steps up as Duke and Lostris as duchess.

Seeking power the two conspire against the imperials and are half successful at trying to overthrow them. Itidal and his forces kill most of but ultimately underestimate the imperial guards. Head Guard Sarkin manages to gravely injure an unsuspecting Itidal, which takes the fight out of the rest of them. They flee and Itidal is executed at Empress Almazs orders, Sarkin given all his titles and land as a reward for his loyalty.

Later, into Usodai's reign, Duchess Kai is set to marry Jakada, even if neither of the pair is particularly happy about it. After Kai apparently commits suicide, however, Jakada is quick to marry Mounir, his true love, which stirs up suspicion and discontent in Green Ridges, particularly among Akoko and her loyalists. The Emperor is not blind to this growing dissent, and executes Akoko's parents to stop it. However, that just puts the new Duchess on the warpath for independence through force.

Physical appearanceEdit

Unlike the pale lyons of Wild Shores and the golden lyons of the Sun Empire, the lyons of green ridge affect more orange, rusty colors in their fur, and reddish or brownish colors in their manes. Their eye color mirrors the main portion of the empire however, with orange and yellow being seen the most. Their paws are one solid color, instead of tinged with their secondary fur halfway down the toes, and they have ear tips that are usually a darker shade than their main fur.

Notable Green RidgersEdit

  • Habtom is a councilor in the main body of the Empire from Green Ridges.



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