Avg. Height 5'0 - 5'9
Avg. Weight 150-250 (females)
300 to 400 (males)
Lifespan Unknown, Presumably 50+ Years
Familiar Name Gorilla

Goras are the evolved form of Gorillas in the Iron Lyons universe.


In The Iron Lyons Universe'Edit

In The Forges of Dawn, they serve as weapon and armor smiths for The Pale Ones what with their more dextrous fingers. There have been no Goras seen in Endia -- Berengas and Utans take their places when it comes to strength and dexterity.

The Goras have something of a feud with the 'Pard.

In the Real WorldEdit

Gorillas are very strong, highly intelligent social animals and one of several apes to be the cousin of humans. They are an omnivorous, usually male-led species that walk on their knuckles and live towards the center of Africa. The groups they live in are called troops, which is usually composed a several females, their Silverback, and their offspring. However, multi-male groups exist as well as all female groups, particularly when their Silverback dies. Females will stay together, in that event, to ensure the survival of their infants lest they fall victim to infanticide.

A subordinate male in a Silverback led group is called a Blackback, typically around 8 years old. They serve as backup to a Silverback male and assist in keeping the often infanticidal outside males away from females and infants.

Notable GorasEdit