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Avg. Height 4'7" at shoulder (Males, Roughly)
4'3" at shoulder (Females, Roughly)
Avg. Weight 525 pounds (Males, Roughly)
359 (Females, Roughly)
750 pounds (Heaviest Specimen)
Lifespan ???
Familiar Name American Lion

The Giants are the American Lions in the Iron Lyons universe. They are the larger North American cousins of Lyons. They inhabit The Hidden Lands, of the North.


In RealityEdit

Also known as Naegele's Giant Jaguar, the American lion is extinct member of the felidae family. They are one of the largest cats to ever exist, 25% larger than the African lion. Along with being native to North America, it also believed to have spread to South America as well as per the Great American Interchange.

Physically, the American Lion was a very tall cat, however it wasn't as heavily built as the Smilodon. It's features strongly resemble the african lion, but unlike that cat, American lions lived in cold climes and used caves and fissures as shelter.

American Lion (black) and African Lion (gray)

They were not much pride animals, hunting alone or in small groups of two or three. American Lyons frequented the same color range as lions, but had no manes, as indicated by ancient cave paintings, and adults were more likely to retain the spots of cubhood around the belly and limbs.

In Iron LyonsEdit

The Giants in Iron Lyons are a bit larger than the fossil records say they are as time gave them more of a chance to grow.[1] They live in The Hidden Lands and are bitter enemies with the Fanged Ones. They aren't very fond of the Pumara either, however the species are beginning to band together to fight the more numerous Dissidents.

Instead of living in small grounds, Giants form large prides, like their Afriikan cousins.



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