"Bitter, Brackish" [N. Sotho]
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Galaka is a Shard Lyon and one of Hila's three sons.


Galaka is a darker grey lyon, with a lighter underpelt that doesn't reach his paws. His eyes are bright amber, a stripe beneath them, striking against his face, which has pronounced cheekbones. He has a wide nose bridge and a square jaw with a dark nose. His mane is even darker than his fur and sweeps back in spikes. Physically, he is very large lyon and the largest of the brothers.


Galaka is a crude and violent lyon, favoring brutal tactics. He is also a bit insubordinate, railing against his elder brother, Alfajiri, the de facto leader of their trio and even their mother when she picks at him. Despite this, he is brave and ultimately loyal to the Shard Sultanate's number and cause.



Galaka is second-oldest of the brotherly trio, and he is the largest in size. He is also darkest in color, and his mother often needles him by telling him he is a throwback to her father -- a deep insult, for while her sire was quite the large beast, he was stupid beyond all belief and useless for anything except guarding rocks and breeding. He hadn't two braincells to rub together and to be compared to him enrages Galaka something fierce. He will go wild when she does this and has to be restrained by his brothers to keep him from doing something unforgivable... like kill their mother. She only laughs at his trashing her dens and then makes him clean it up as punishment. As much as he hates her and loathes everyone else in the Sultanate, Galaka also deeply desires to be accepted by them and praised. Everything he does, it is in the hopes of making Hila eat her words, and of winning the admiration and adoration of the Shards... and of catching the eye of the Sultana's daughter.

On missions, Galaka is rash and often dismisses Alfajiri's plans and schemes as boring and cowardly. Sneak about? No, rush right on in and kill everything! Sort it out later! That's how you do it! No one matters as much as Shards anyway, right? When Alfajiri tries to put him in his place, he gets foul-mouthed and insulting, tossing out profanity like it's going out of style; he generally obeys his older brother, though, and even if he never says so aloud, he holds Alfajiri in the deepest respect.

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