Far, Far Away...
Close Kin
None Known

Gaho is a high ranking Giant, an Elder of the pride and it's leader. She has a deep hate for the Fanged Ones.


She is never described.


Gaho is a difficult old crone who favors violence and bloodshed over talking anything out with her enemies. She is arrogant and doesn't much care for the lives she destroys in her hatred for the Fanged Ones. She is also willing to put down any dissenters, should they even try to gainsay her even, and considers her warriors an extension of her will.

She ignores anything that may intimate that she is to blame for what violence befalls her people. She also does not care if the Fanged Ones in their entirety are wiped out-- she just wants their lands and isn't afraid to command horrors to see it done. The elderly are supposed to be honest and considering of the future, but Gaho is a liar only interested in the now.


In Far, far AwayEdit

Gaho is a wizened old Giant lyonesses who rallies her troops to attack The Fanged Ones.

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