Fyre Stones are magic solidified into stone-like objects.



  • ColdFyre stones are the only type seen so far.


Stones have a command word, that allows whoever owns them to burn a particular area of land. If not used for an extended period of time, they will dull in coloration, however new stones glow vibrantly. It is not clear if time augments their potential to destroy. Stones taken by force instead of given freely will harden and be completely useless.


  • Kudisan had a necklace of ColdFyre stones.
  • Mjane and her line had a bracelet of ColdFyre stones.
  • Asta and later Uru obtain that same bracelet, passed down through their line.
  • Kanali was entrusted with stones to burn Oni out of hiding.
  • Sabetook had a necklace of three Fyre Stones.


  • There never were any SunFyre stones.

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