Creator Mōbōr
Current Owner Yǔ Sōng
Past Owners Araawa
Wosia (temporarily)
Status Intact

The Fyre Stone Bracelet was a bracelet of Fyre Stones belonging to the line of Red Queens.


Back during the time of the twins, Mōbōr and Tšatši, the black lyon had several children and his most favored and loyal he rewarded with fyre stones. Araawa was one such lyonesse and she used his gift to turn against him, taking the stones to her uncle so that the SunFyre could be created. The Stones she passed to her own child, so they could pass it to theirs, and so on, guarding the world against them. The Stones are several millenniums old and where they were once bright with destructive power, their glowing light has dimmed.

However, the destruction within is still very much potent, even after several millenniums. When passed on, the stones must be given willingly, or they will harden into simple, blue rocks, the power within them extinguished forever.

In The Forges of DawnEdit

The stones remain unmentioned for several parts of the book, and the Pale Ones dismiss them off as false replicas of their own, truer fyre stones due to how dim in color they are. Asta tells her daughter what they truly are and that she must keep them safe at all cost while both lyonesses are locked in the Pale One's dungeons.

Uhuru bets the stones against Yǔ Sōng when she meets him in the Endian Empire dungeons, a bet she loses. However, instead of willingly handing them over paw to paw, she throws them into the ocean.

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