Fyre, pronounced 'fI-are' is the physical manifestation of powerful feelings inside one who is capable of great and terrible magic. It takes the form of something imitating fire, thus its similar name, but is usually far more damaging in it's effect.



The first known fyre was created by and from Mōbōr, and according to Koto and the Black Lyon himself, there were many kinds. However, Coldfyre was the first and possibly the worst of them all. The black emperor was known to give Fyre Stones to his most trusted and favored confidants, usually his children. Araawa was such a one, but she grew sick of her father's tyranny, and delivered her stones to Tšatši who then made the SunFyre.

The HeartFyre is the newest kind, created by Uru when Vireka kills Tarute. She uses it to kill him and bring her friend back to life.

Types of FyreEdit

  • ColdFyre was created by Mōbōr from the emptiness and hate within himself. It leaves those it touches frozen -- plant and animal -- both in body and temperature, as well as dead. Those affected all called Blighteds and touching them causes debilitating injury to the flesh.
  • SunFyre was created by Tšatši, to contend against Mōbōr's armies and magic. It created The Waste, The Tempest, and made zombies of all those it touched, including Tšatši himself.
  • HeartFyre is the latest type of fire, created by the latest Red Queen Uru. It absolutely destroys anything it touches, eating flesh from bone while throw all it's snared around in a vicious whirlwind. It can also Resurrect, made from love.

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