"Confine", "Control", "Contain"
Vicious Circle
The Forges of Dawn
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Fuga is a minor antagonist in the first portion of the book. He is the head Beast Tamer, and according to Vicious Circle, has been in his position since Kudisan was Lady of the Black Mountains.


Fuga is a pale beige Lyon. No other features are ever mentioned about him.


Arrogant and merciless, Fuga is much like the average Pale One, if decidedly more viscous since his job is to hunt down and capture traitors. He can hide his emotions well, as he does so when he stands before Vireka, though he stinks heavily of fear. Fuga has a sheepish side, as shown when he tries to produce levity before his eventual fate of being houndified.

As a Hound, he is described as being particularly violent.


In Vicious CircleEdit

Fuga and a pack of hounds hunt down Uhuru's Pride, but the beast tamer loses their trail and chooses the wrong direction when presented with two choices. Earlier he had already taken the life of Jabari, but lost the pride in the process.

In The Forges of DawnEdit

Fuga is Vireka's beast tamer, likely had been before the white Lord, and he is good at his job. The hounds recognize his dominance and obey him, and while he is never able to find Kamaria for many years, he does manage to kill the lyon who aided her -- Jabari -- confirming once and for all that she is still alive and out there. His most recent failure, coupled with the claims that the Northern Lyons of Afriik have access to magic, angers Vireka. He is turned into a Hound as punishment.

He is succeeded by Jezisa.

When Uru kills Vireka, breaking the magical hold over all the hounds, Fuga likely survived as Uru ordered no hounds be killed.

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