"Brightest" OR "Bright Lantern" [Tigrinya]
Living History
Close Kin
Selwe (father)
Juto (mate)
Vumilia (mate)
Morlai (son)
Asta (daughter)
Uhodari (son)

Fanus is the son of Selwe. He is a Red King.


Fanus is a shade of red, though his appearance is never described at length.


He was careless and irresponsible as a cub, as a young adult as well, but comes to regret this when he has his own child. As an adult, he seems more grounded and responsible as well as somber.


In Living HistoryEdit

He is seen as a youth, blowing off and ignoring his father and the tales about the Fyre Stones. He doesn't want their legacy, and doesn't listen to Selwe's stories or instructions, thus can do nothing with the stones, even as the old lyon presses them into his paws on his dying day. Fanus says he half thought of discarding them, but something -- likely that they were the last piece of his father he'd ever have -- made him keep them.

After finding mates in Vumilia and Juto, Fanus fathers three children, but only Asta survives into full adulthood. He despairs in those later years, ashamed that he cannot teach his daughter the magic she was supposed to inherit from him. Fanus agonizing over not being able to do magic, or rather not knowing how, he gives the stones over to Asta and further gives her permission to leave and go after the neighboring male, Hotio, feeling he and his brother will leave soon and that she will follow.

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