Yu Song's Pride Comingsoon
Residence Endia (Nomadic)
Composition Lyons (Royals)
Various Species
Current Leader ♛ Empress Chetna & Consort Mehtab
Past Leaders
Founder Unknown

Emperor Devnath & Unknown Female

Heir Prince Ishwar

The Endian Empire is an realm ruled by a line of Lyons distantly related the The Black Emperor.



Other Royals/NoblesEdit


It is unknown how the empire was founded or by whom, only that it's land lies in Endia as one of the largest and most powerful kingdoms. It's royals are the descendants of Mōbōr. Prince Lochan reveals that the Lyons of the imperial family have been at war with the Tigrisians for some generations. What started this war is currently unknown, but the Tigrisians are changing -- no longer fighting among themselves and starting to put aside their normal solitary ways to fight the maned cats as a united front.

It managed to hold both Yu Song and Uru in its thrall for a while, before both got away.



The Empire is ruled by lyons, but has a diverse population of many animals and subsists on buying and trading goods for other goods or services. Salt is their main form of currency. There are imperial courts and slavery does exist within it's borders.

They worship The Four Winds, their main if not only belief system.


The Endian Empire is ruled by lyons with magical abilities. Minor nobles are generally stationary their entire lives, however more important royal blooded lyons are nomadic. The royals also usually have two names throughout their lives, a 'cub' name and a name they choose for themselves once they grow up. It is unknown how extensive this practice is, whether lesser blue bloods do it or if it's common throughout the populace and not just among lyons.

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