Endia, Uropa, and Shya

Endia, Uropa and Shya are all a part of one large landmass with many different peoples on it's surface.


Endia is to the south, Shya to the east, and Uropa to the west. From Left (the Westernmost) to Right (Easternmost):

The Cy'alt TribesEdit

These are Lyons who are NOT a united people -- they are many differing tribes, but they share the same general belief system. They will very likely play a part in Book II. Not evil as a whole, but certainly with some very unsavory traditions.

The Barbari TribesEdit

A group of Lyons who claim closest kinship with the Lyons of the lost continent. They tend to reject the unifying notions of the Endians and northern realms, preferring instead to live in smaller prides "as nature intended". They are not unwelcoming to visitors, and pride themselves on hospitality -- although this does not mean they do not war frequently and often on one another, or on the Heretics. They are a hard people, and they work to make themselves all capable warriors.

The Heathen BarbariEdit

A subsect of the overall Barbari Lyons who wish to return fully to the ways of Afriik by adopting a language they claim is Afriikan and returning their customs to Afriikan ones -- what they think to be such, anyway. They live in small family prides, keep away from 'outsiders', and hunt only for their prey; no herd-keeping for these cats. They also tend to live as close to the Waste as possible, and include coming-of-age ceremonies that require a short journey into that fearful place to "prove" their bravery and worth as warriors. The Heathens attack everyone else, especially the non-Heathen Barbari tribes, deeming them less 'pure' and traitors to Afriik.

Northern Lyon TribesEdit

A decentralized network of Lyons who do not wish to follow the rules and rule of the large Endian Empire. They are not fully unified, but rather a loose coalition of small 'kingdoms' who band together when the need arises in order to fend off Endian aggressions. There is not a lot of in-fighting among them, and they tend to keep to themselves but they do bar passage from outsiders through the areas under their control.

Tigrisian HomelandsEdit

The last areas where the Tigrisian species survives in any great numbers. Pushed to the extreme far north, they live in lands of eternal winter and are quite bitter about it.

The Attla BerengaEdit

    • Note: Attla is the name referring to the species "atlas bear"

The Attla have a small homeland for themselves, but mostly they live within the Endian Empire, serving in its military and holding positions within the royal guard ranks. Those that live in the Attlan home territory tend to be fiercely independent and judgmental of those that choose to serve "the cats".

Endian EmpireEdit

This a huge swathe of land owned and ruled over by a single family of Lyons. It is divided up into smaller districts and territories overseen by loyalists, and most Endian Lyons will go their entire lives without ever really being in direct contact with the Imperial family or ever seeing them. The direct royal family moves about during the year, rotating between summer and winter palaces and holding courts to hear the problems of their people. The lesser branches of the ruling family tend to have more sedentary homes, and do not often move about.

Snow 'PardsEdit

The Snow 'Pards live in a great mountain range, a place so inhospitable that no one else fights them for it. They are ruled over by a King, and enjoy a life free from the wars and land-grabbing that goes on in the rest of the continent.

The PanjuEdit

  • Note: Panju is the name for pandas.

The Panju are a reclusive and secretive bunch, and very little is know about them except that they kill anything that invades their sovereignty. The Endian Empire has learned to leave them well alone, but it is said the Tigrisians have been working tirelessly to form some sort of alliance with them. It is unknown how successful they have managed to be.

The Ussari BerengaEdit

  • Note: Ussari is the name for the Ussuri brown bears of Japan

Unlike their Attla cousins, the Ussuri do not serve other species. They keep to their island home but have a healthy trade with the Panju. They do not often come to the mainland, and when they do, they tend to keep out of the public eye.