Emperor and Empress are noble titles, achieved by Inheritance or Usurpation, in the Iron Lyons universe.



When lions first turned into lyons, there were no other titles besides Pride Leader and the more recent Lord, which Jyotis had either claimed or been given by his people. When Mōbōr began his conquest of the world, he took the title of Emperor and was the first lyon to ever do so. Despite that, the title has no negative connotations in the modern Iron Lyons world.


The highest rank achievable, generally, in most Lyon societies. Often viewed as almost godlike by common people, and commands near-complete power over any holding. Addressed with "his majesty" then sire every time after.

Emperor ConsortEdit

The Emperor Consort is the husband of an Empress Consort, and is second only to her in power.

  • Xinavane's father, Oku, was a consort.

Empress RegnantEdit

The Empress is the female counterpart to an Emperor, and like him, she rules in her own right. However, due to the rampant sexism in lyon societies, an female ruler will often have aides and counselors that 'share' her power and 'help' her make decisions.

  • Xinavane's mother, Almaz, was an Empress Regnant as was her mother before her.

Empress ConsortEdit

The Empress Consort, generally just Empress, is the wife of the Emperor and second only to him in power.

  • Empress Moswen was Xinavane's consort.

Notable CasesEdit

  • When Xinavane falls deathly ill with disease and parasites, Moswen becomes the highest power in the land, despite being foreign and only an Empress by marriage.
  • Chetna inherited her throne when her brother went missing. His death hasn't been confirmed, so technically her line isn't the rightful one, established as it may be.

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