Born E.M Kinsey
Pen Name Iron-Lyons
Occupation Novelist
Nationality American
Education Degree in Biology
Period 2014 - Present
Genre Fantasy

E. M. Kinsey, sometimes simply called E. M. K or EMK, is the author of the The Forges of Dawn and the creator of the Iron Lyons Universe.



E.M. K was largely inspired by her grandfather, John Truelsen, to create stories with deep lore and interesting characters.


E. M. Kinsey lives in Nevada. She holds a degree in Biology, and has a lifelong love of animals, including the big cats of the world.

Drawing and WritingEdit

EMK is an artist, her works typically dealing with felines or creatures she creates herself. Most, if not all, her works can be found on her deviantART account Iron-Lyons. Her art is mixed media; drawn by hand and colored digitally. She has been on deviantART as a writer and artist for about a decade collectively.


Iron Lyons seriesEdit

The Iron Lyons Series is E.M. Kinsey's first series. The Forges of Dawn is her first published work.

Locations on the WebEdit

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