"Darkness" [Oromo]
The Road To Ruin
Close Kin
Possible Unnamed Brothers
Several Mates
Hiana (mate)
Himarta (son)
Several Children

Dukan is a Marozi Lyon, and the father of Himarta as well as several other lyons. He led their pride at the Black Mountains.


Dukan is never described in detail, but it is said he and Himarta both have the same icy blue eyes.


Dukan is hard, cold, and like most of the Marozi, he seldom speaks. He isn't soft for anyone, excepting maybe his mate Hiana, but definitely not his son Himarta. He doesn't shed a tear at the deaths of his stillborn children either, and is quick to exile Himarta when the male returns from the caverns, thinking him a demon wearing his son's skin.


In The Land of the MaroziEdit

Dukan is the leader of the Marozi lyons and the holder of the Black Mountains. He has several mates and is the sire of many sons of different ages.

When Himarta is born, he doesn't pay much attention to the boy as he is smaller than he should be, runty and weak. Ultimately, it is Hiana who names Himarta. Dukan trains the cubs of the pride in art of combat and when they are old enough, takes them and Himarta out into the Valley for the first time, both to patrol their territory and teach them how to navigate the magic-twisted land. He loses Himarta in the caves beneath the landscape and when his son turns up again, thinks him a demon or monster wearing his face and flesh. Dukan wants him killed, but Hiana manages to convince him to simply exile their child instead of executing him since neither can prove whether he really is or isn't Himarta.

The years pass and eventually, Dukan and his pride lose the mountain to the Ujiti Pride.

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