"Third" [Bassari]
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Mending The Broken
Close Kin
Nzala (mother)
Worotha (father)
Lemlem (half-sister)
Palesa (half-sister)
Takato (half-sister)
Piipi (half-sister)
Kikore (half-brother)
Oringo (half-brother)
Sheshe (half-sister)
Unnamed Mate

Djai is one of Worotha's myriad of children, from his palest and most expensive wife, Nzala.


Djai isn't a pale as her mother, being a few shades richer in cream. Her eyes are a similar color however, violet instead of lavender. She has a bit of spiky scruff on her head and has a longish, thin face. Her muzzle itself is rather blocky however. Djai's has prominent cheekbones and small ears. Her tail tuft is a pale brownish grey. Her nose is pale brown.


Much like how her mother hates and avoids her mate and her mate's other wives, Djai prefers to be alone. Not out of any malice -- she is simply a loner with rather negative, pessimistic attitude. She is a respectful and obedient lyonesse though as well as loyal and doesn't mind doing a bit of work and getting her paws dirty.



Djai is Worotha's third daughter and his only child with Nzala. She is very much ok with being alone, and in fact prefers that; silence suits her best. She is a very negative-minded Lyonesse, and is always seeing the downside to everything, or figuring the worst will happen. Her mother may be cause of some of this side of Djai, as Nzala holds herself in such high regard and expects her offspring to maintain the family honor.

Unlike Nzala, though, Djai does not mind working hard, and the sight of her pale form toiling in the fields has caught many a male's eye, setting them wishing they could 'save' her from the wear to her paws. Djai's belief that the worst ALWAYS happens is merely confirmed when her mother's family demands the right to sell her bridal price off to one of those males with wandering eyes: a lower-ranked Judge has made an offer for her. Worotha agrees, as Nzala's kin make the case that since he questioned (and sullied) their honor over the issue of Nzala herself, Nzala's child should make up the difference and regain that lost bit of face for them. And so Djai is married off. She doesn't like it much, but on the days when she comes home for holidays and festivals, she does show a bit of her mother's teachings in the way she brings expensive gifts and makes offhand remarks about how rich a life she now leads, far from the dirt of the common folk.

Secretly, though, she misses those long days under the sun.

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