"Custom/Routine/Regular Practice"
Vicious Circle
The Forges of Dawn
Close Kin
Koto (father)
Liwaza (mother)
Moyo (brother)
Dayima (identical twin sister)

Dasturi is the younger of the identical twin daughters born to Koto and Liwaza.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Dasturi is a golden lyonesse, slightly shaggy around the face and neck, with orange eyes and ears rimmed in a light brown. She has two faint scars on her shoulder and her tail tuft is darker brown. She wears a necklace of fangs, rocks, and yellow feathers. She also wears bark armor.


Though not explored in the book, Dasturi's character sheet indicates that she is aloof, fiery, and slightly snobbish.


In Vicious CircleEdit

She is a young cub, travelling with the pride, and ignorant of the beast tamer and hounds pursuing her family.

In The Forges of DawnEdit

Dasturi is introduced when the pride returns from a successful hunt, along with the rest of the female and Moyo. Later, she is herded off the the Black Mountains by Jesiza when he sets upon their pride with three Hounds. When Uhuru disturbs the hounds and a contingent of the group flees, she is among their number, hiding away with Moyo, Aja, and Oni.

When Vireka grows impatient in the Pale One search for Oni, Dasturi touches a ColdFyre frozen Shari and badly mangles her paw. She does not participate in the war, likely due to her injuries, but survives to see the end of the book.