ColdFyre, (pronounced "Cold fi-ar") was a magical weapon created by Mōbōr from the hatred and emptiness inside himself.



ColdFyre was a weapon created in the great war between the White Lord Tsatsi and his brother, Mobor. It broke the years-long stalemate between the two lyons and served as an ace-in-the-hole for the Black Emperor. His mistake was sharing his power out to his most trusted underlings in the form of Fyre Stones. Araawa was one such underling, the daughter of the evil emperor, and instead of sharing in his power to help him, she takes the stones and magic to her uncle.

From ColdFyre, Tsatsi based his own terrible magic: SunFyre. He used the searing power of the SunFyre to end the war once and for all, destroying himself and blocking his brother's return to the kingdom.

Usage and EffectsEdit

Only individuals from the Black Emperor's bloodline can use the Fyre. Whoever is closer to the Black Emperor in relation commands more control over the Fyre than another who is further away (e.g a firstborn child would have better control than a secondborn or grandchild). It emulates both real fire and in some ways a sentient being, as it is shown curling around Vireka affectionately instead of burning him and shying away as if scolded when Nirnasha takes it from the white lyon.

The ColdFyre, once used, burns and distorts whatever it touches, be it plant or animal. Vegetation becomes brittle and easily disintegrates into a cold dust when bumped, and soil becomes badly dried out. Any living thing touched by this Fyre turns into a frozen statue so cold that any animal who comes in contact with it is badly burned. These stricken individuals are called blighteds and touching them, aside from bad burns, can cause fever and hallucinations. The spots left behind by the passage of the Fyre -- called Cold Spots -- are completely grey from grass to sky and time moves oddly within them. According to Hotio, staying in one for too long can cause a person to go insane.

ColdFyre can also be 'crystallized' by its user into a solid object, greatly resembling gemstones or rocks. These Fyre Stones can then be carried and used by animals other than those linked by blood to Mōbōr. Any such stone has a set radius of damage it can cause, and they can only be activated by a specific command word. Possession and power over these stones can only be transferred by free-will from one owner to another -- if stolen, the stones cannot be used by the thief, even if he or she knows the command word. Fyre Stones sparkle with life, however if they aren't used in a while, namely over several generations, they dull in color. Their power, though, stays the same even if it is more dormant than usual.

Bloodline UsersEdit

Other UsersEdit

  • The Pale Ones use Fyre Stones to terrorize Afriik.
  • Uru was unknowingly in possession of Fyre Stones until she, Tarute, Modak, Ming Huo, and Lochan make for the Waste.
  • Yu Song acquires the Fyre stones Uhuru had. She throws them into the ocean, and he gets them after drowning nearly all of his crew.