"Power of Intellect", "Alert"
The Forges of Dawn
Close Kin
Devnath (father)
Unknown mother
Ekavir (brother)
Mehtab (mate)
Ishwar (son)
Aolani (daughter)

Empress Chetna is Prince Lochan's grandmother, and ruler of the Endian Empire. Her magical "gift" is said to be the ability to command the very earth itself.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Chetna is elderly in the book, a grizzled old medium brown Lyonesse who -- according to Uhuru -- is quite ugly. Even when she smiles, it is not pleasing. She is very wrinkly, with creases all throughout her face. She is never described in greater detail.


Chetna is a short tempered old Lyonesse, who doesn't seem to have a soft or understanding bone in her body. She is very presumptious, heedless, and these things nearly spell death for Lochan, Tarute, and Uhuru. Chetna always refers to herself with the royal 'we'.


In The Forges of DawnEdit

Chetna is mentioned several times in passing by Lochan and several other Endia civilians. When Wulan and Bambang rat the prince out, several Berengas come to get Uhuru, Tarute, and the prince on her orders, and all are brought before her. She has no ears for Tarute, and tries to be somewhat welcoming to Uhuru, but there is a language barrier. Lochan tries to explain this to her, but only succeeds in making her angry. She beats on him, and commands the trio be thrown in the dungeons.

Lochan, in particular, she has tortured.

The Empress of Endia