"Meaningless", "Ghost", "Animal" [Tonga]
Empires of Sand
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Kibawa (mate)
Teule (daughter)

Cheelo is one of the Sun Council's seven members.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Cheelo is a pale golden lyon with a smooth, paler mane, somewhat spiked and scruffy atop his head of a similar color. Smooth, but not very thick. His eyes are yellow. He is a smaller Lyon, which makes bullying him easy. The other council members use his size and weak-willed nature to move him where'd they'd like him to go.


Cheelo is quiet, fidgety Lyon. Timid and weak-willed, he isn't really suited for his position, for those of a larger size simply bully him to their ways and wants.



He's very meek and doesn't do well with confrontations or conflict and tends to go to pieces when pressured. He generally just goes along with what everyone else is doing, in hopes of not getting bullied and harassed by his fellow Council members; it's rare for him to pick the 'losing' side. If he ends up as the 'tie-breaker' vote, he sides with whomever is most likely to physically intimidate him.

In The Empires of SandEdit

Cheelo is a part of the Sun Empire's council before Usodai disbands it. It is unknown whether he survives Usodai's rampage whilst in pursuit of his mother's killers. He is seen only in Flashbacks.

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