Bronze is an alloy consisting of copper and other materials, usually tin. In the Iron Lyons universe, various animals make use of it for various reasons.



It is unknown if other animals make use of bronze, though presumably the Goras do, as they forge it. It is also unknown when the manipulation of bronze arose and who first held mastery over it. The animals outside of Afriik know of bronze, but primarily make use of Iron, indicating that Afriik is behind when it comes to technology.

The Pale OnesEdit

The Pale Ones have used bronze most extensively so far, to give themselves an edge over lyons who simply fight with tooth and claw. Their armor consists of back coverings, a mask, and gauntlets which fit on top of the paw, spiked in long metal claws.

Since they don't have the dexterity, this metal is worked for them by the Goras, who work in return for protection from 'Pards. Tai Yang accompanies Uru to Afriik when she learns no one there knows how to make it, therefore she could make a profit and not be discriminated against for being female.

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