Bobkor is the name for Bobcats in the Iron Lyons Universe.


In RealityEdit

Bobcats are North American creatures ranging from Canada to Mexico. It can be found in forests, semi-deserts, and swamplands. They range from grey to brown, have whiskering faces and tufted ears, and their distinct cropped tail. Their numbers are somewhat threatened by Coyotes.

Bobcats are territorial and mark their boundaries with claw marks and sprays of urine. They are solitary creatures who prey an everything from insects, hares, geese, and deer. They are elusive and resilient, two traits that have allowed them to flourish even in the face of extensive hunting by humans.

Bobcats mate through the winter and spring, gestating for about two months. 2-4 kittens are born to a mother, who mates with several mates, meaning they could have different fathers. Sometimes, however, she has the maximum of 6 kittens. Kittens begin traveling with their mother in a few months and hunting in their first year. After they can hunt for themselves, they disperse.

A bobcat lives an average of seven years, with the oldest specimen living about 16 years in the wild. The oldest bobcat on record lived more than 3 decades.

In the SeriesEdit

So far, bobcats have only been seen in Far, Far Away.... Ahanu is that bobcat, friend to Niyol, a young female Pumara.

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