Berengas are the evolved form bears, and are essentially the Goras of Endia (sans their dexterity), serving the royals of that place as guards. They come in two kinds -- the Attala and the Ussari, being atlas bears and brown bears respectively.


The AttalaEdit

Extinct in reality, the Atlas bear is a subspecies of brownbear. It was Africa's only bear to survive into modern times, once native to the Atlas mountains. It was brownish black and lacked any white on the muzzle. It was also a terrible tree climber. Omnivorous creatures, they got to be 9 feet when standing upright and weighed roughly half a ton.

The UssariEdit

The brown bear is a plentiful species of ursine found in China, Alaska, Russian, India, Canada, and Scandinavia. It is the most wide spread of the bear species, really only being absent in Afriik.

Notable BerengasEdit