"Knight" [Javanese]
The Forges of Dawn
Close Kin
None known

Bambang is Captain Wulan's Second -- a position akin to a "First Mate".

Physical AppearanceEdit

Bambang has red fur, streaked with a black sticky substance swirled into designs, and long arms like a typical Utan. He wears jewelry like his captain and has strips of hide wound around him. Feathers decorate the fur of his neck and shoulders, and a circlet of metal wraps around his upper left arm. He is described as stocky and lacking the large cheek pads of more attractive male Utans.


Bambang is more considerate and compassionate than Wulan is. He is obedient, and more mature than the rest of the crew.



Bambamg has somewhat intimate knowledge of The Tempest. He was the Second of another more foolish captain before coming into Wulan's service and that Captain dared sail too close to that storm, nearly killing him.

In The Forges of DawnEdit

Bambang is Wulan's second and a much liked member of her crew, by her anyway. When Uhuru and Tarute are dragged aboard, he is tasked with keeping Uhuru alive by feeding and watering her. Later, when Lochan takes the crew's find, he goes along with Wulan to get back at the prince and presumably lands in captivity with her. His fate past that is unknown.

Other RelationsEdit

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