"Beautiful Flower" [Ethiopian]
Empires of Sand
The Road To Ruin
Character Sheets
Close Kin
Risku (betrothed)
Usodai (mate)
Tiaret (daughter)
Jakada (son)

Ayana was Usodai's wife, and former Empress of the Sun Empire.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Ayana is a rich, deep golden color with an even darker brownish gold dorsal stripe. She has prominent cheekbones, and her muzzle is long and rectangular, her cheeks scruffy. Her lower jaw lacks any underbelly color, and her eyes are yellow-ish orange. Her tail tuft is a few shades darker than her dorsal stripe.


Ayana is a quiet and shy animal most of the time, but can be prone to bouts of temper and madness -- legacies of her time as Usodai's consort. Despite that, she can be just as gentle and sentimental, even cheerful, but she is very mentally fragile.


Before Empires of SandEdit

She hails from the newly conquered land of Snow Falls and is of their former ruling line, promised to Risku as a condition for her family's continued ability to rule their section of territory, rather than be forced to accept a Sun Empire governor. She is an aging Lyonesse in the graphic novel.

In Empires of SandEdit

Ayana is older and quite mentally fragile after having dealt with Usodai as a mate.

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