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Asta is one of Hotio's mates and is a part of his pride before Jesiza and the Hounds kill their lead males and seize everyone else.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Asta is a dark red Lyonesse wither lighter underparts, but instead of being bloody hues like her daughter, she has more brownish touches to her fur. Her nose is dark, greyish brown and her tail is deep, deep red. A darker red stripe runs dorsally from between her blue eyes and stop at her tail. She has a tiny scar underneath her left eye, and wears the traditional Afriikan armor. Four brown feathers decorate her head, behind her ears.


A realistic, logical but easy going Lyonesse, there are cunning depths to her loving character. Hotio describes arguing with Asta as "arguing with yourself" since the Lyonesse uses her opponents words against them instead of offering much of her own. Despite being loving, she is loyal and can be firm, but is more open minded than her mate when it comes to making Uhuru the warrior she wishes to be.


Vicious CycleEdit

Asta escapes with the rest of the pride as Fuga and his band of Hounds close in on them. At this time, she is pregnant with young Oni.

In Living HistoryEdit

Asta and her father patrol the territory of their dwindling pride, speaking of history and of their line. The red lyonesse mostly listens, asking questions here and there, but since her father never heeded Selwe all he can do is give her the stones and his blessing to travel with Hotio, as he can see the two young lyons love each other. Furthermore, he implores she must leave as their pride is soon to die.

Later on, after having Oni and Uhuru with Hotio, she gives the stones to her daughter, making her promise to protect them.

In The Forges of Dawn Edit

When we first see Asta she and the rest of the pride return from a successful hunt. Later, she and Hotio discuss Uhuru's future, noting her not-so-promising potential as a hunter. While Hotio is more traditionally oriented, the red lyonesse is ready and willing to let her daughter be the warrior she wants to do. With some convincing, she moves her reluctant mate Hotio along this train of thinking as well.

She survives the pride destruction wrought by the hounds, and while in the claws of The Pale Ones, has her legs broken, likely for resisting or simply being a very dark brownish-red when the Pale Ones hate that color. She finally informs Uhuru of her magical roots before Kanali takes her to see Vireka, making sure red lyonesse has the Fyre stones that she'd once given her.

Later, when Oni is being disagreeable as the Pale Ones prep her to marry Vireka in her sister's stead, they use her as a bargaining chip. When Uru attacks the Black Mountains, Oni is able to escape in the panic and free her mother, helping her out of the maze that is the stronghold. Overall, Asta survives the ordeal and lives to her daughter become the new Lady of the Back Mountains.

In Mending the BrokenEdit

Asta will appear in the upcoming short Mending The Broken with Kikore.

In this short story, Asta accompanies Kikore to his father's birthday celebration. Asta, being an unrelated lyon, is hesitant about going but the lyon and his family all insist to lift her mood, spurred on by the loss of her long-time mate Hotio and her broken legs which -- even with Modak's help -- would never truly heal.

In The Thousand WintersEdit

Asta is due to appear in TFoDs sequel.