Group Name Araawa's Pride
Residence Afriik
Composition Lyons
Current Leader(s) None (Dead Pride)
Past Leaders Araawa (Founder;Deceased)
Heir None (Dead Pride)

Araawa's Pride is a group of lyons who all share blood with the first red Queen, Araawa.



After Mōbōr is defeated, Araawa seeks out mates to found a pride, seeing that the ColdFyre is still burning even after her father's "death". Seeing this, and feeling it a good idea to have back-ups just in case she dies, Araawa seeks a male for herself, "convincing" one or several when it becomes apparent that hoping and asking aren't getting her anywhere. The pride she makes completely out of her own bloodline, but even so, their numbers dwindle over the generations and finally a cave-in kills all that remains but two.[1]

Mjane, during her time, is the sole survivor of Araawa's bloodline.


  • Zufan (formerly;displaced by the cave-in)
  • Okal (formerly;displaced by the cave-in)



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