"Moon", "Moonlight" [Kalenjin]
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Mōbōr (father)
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Araawa was one of Mōbōr's many children and one who turns her back on him when she can stand his cruelty no more. She was the original Red Queen and the founder of its pride.


Araawa is described by as "heart's blood red" by Fanus, and as Modak describes Uru the same way, the two are possibly similar, if not identical, in pelt color. She was born an average sized lyonesse and might've even been described as pretty, but Mōbōr's magic skews her genetics: she is now a overly large scruffy lyonesse with a mane and tusks jutting from her lower jaw. Her eyes are red and her paws lack color. Her claws are overgrown, so much so they cannot be retracted completely.

Araawa despises her new look and how most lyons mistake her for a sub-adult male.


Araawa's personality is unclear, however she does have some measure of justice about her, due to her actions. She can be persuasive and isn't hesitant about punishing those who defy her...


Character SheetEdit

Araawa was once was a normal lyoness, of average size, with features that might be described as pretty. Her place as her father's favorite, however (on account of her red fur), does not protect her from his monkeying around with her genetics. He doesn't do as MUCH to her as to the rest of his kids and cronies (or even to himself), but still he dabbles, "improving" her. Araawa ends up as a VERY large lyoness, of a size with a mid-size normal male lyon, plus her jawline is thrown out of whack to accommodate the jutting fangs she grows; she even comes to sport a small mane, and her oversize claws are incapable of retracting completely. And she is not pretty anymore, but fairly masculine. She can sometimes be confused for a young male. Which she hates, to the depths of her core.

Once her father is dead and gone, Araawa expects to change back to her original self, but doesn't -- little does she know that her father WASN'T truly killed by the SunFyre, and so his magics cannot be ended. With the ColdFyre still burning and knowing she is the only one capable of controlling it, the red lyoness seeks out mates to grow herself a pride composed solely of her own bloodline; one can always use back-ups, after all. Most males are turned off by her appearance and mane, but she can be as persuasive as her father if the occasion calls for it and is not shy of punishing those who defy her when it becomes clear that hoping to find a avidly willing mate is not going to cut it. Luckily for her, the tweaking of her genes was not so massive as some of her brothers and sisters, and Araawa is still fertile...

...but some of her messed up genes are passed on, and the propensity for being of overgrown size does not end with her.

Living HistoryEdit

Wosia mentions her as having held the Fyre Stones that Uhuru would eventually end up with when explaining their significance to Segolo. She was given such stones by her father and later took them to uncle. She was the first holder of the Fyre Stone Bracelet, which she passed to her child.

The Forges of DawnEdit

When she could no longer tolerate her father's reign of terror, Araawa decided to try and undercut him. Her biological relation to him allowed her to steal away some of his Fyre, which she gives to her uncle Tšatši. Based on his brother's fire, Tšatši creates the SunFyre, which -- along with his life force -- he utilizes to create The Waste and The Tempest.