"Be Ruined/Lost", "Be Utterly Undone", "Perish" [Sawhili]
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Vireka (forced mate [victim])
Ari (son)

Anagamia is a lyonesse that Lord Vireka forcibly bred with and one of the enslaved Marozi.


Angamia is a pale brown marozi lyonesse with spots and the typical Marozi striping underneath her eyes. Her eyes themselves are a bright and striking green. She has a bit of scruff on her head and the lower portion of her muzzle lacks coloring. Presumably, because her eyebrows are a slim and dusky brown, her tail tuft is the same color.


Anagamia is a skittish and listless lyonesse. She is a coward at heart, willing to grovel and beg for her continued existence, no matter how awful it is. However, once Kirai is gone, killed as far as she knows by Lord Vireka, she gains a murderous fire.


In UnbrokenEdit

Sometime before being thrown in the mines, Vireka took a liking to Anagamia and bred her on a whim, presumably until she fell pregnant, in which he threw her in the mines with the slaves. Here she meets and grows to feel for Kirai, Vireka's much kinder and worthy brother. The Overseers viciously beat and berate her and him, her in particular for carrying Vireka's child, but Kirai sacrifices himself to see that no harm comes to it, even against Anagamia's pleading.

Despite the fact his child would be born out of wedlock, Vireka allows her to live long enough to see it born, both because it was his sole heir and because law decrees that harm cannot come to such a holy creature, not even from another holy creature.

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