Creator Unknown
Current Owner Aloka
Past Owners Unknown
Status Intact

Aloka's Wooden Ball was a Magical construct that aided him in his future-seeing abilities.


It was a hollowed out wooden ball, filled with Twigs and bones, that would fall into a certain formation to tell the future of an individual. The formation would be cast several times for certainty. Presumably, only a Vision-Seeker could read the images it put forth, or the meaning them at least. Stones and multi-colored sand can also be added.


  • The Face of Mobor - A sign that hard times will be ahead, possibly even a violent death.
  • Crossing Twigs - Crossroads; an important choice lies ahead.

In The Forges of DawnEdit

Seeking to dissaude Uru from her question, cousins Iz and Sinivali bring in the old Lyon Aloka to tell her future. He predicts, if she dares walk deeply into The Waste, she will be trapped there forever.

However, he does say there is a chance she will succeed if she's finds and an object white in color and core.

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