"Vision", "Sight", "End of the World" [Sanskrit]
The Forges of Dawn
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Aloka is a Seer, and he helps to warn Uhuru/Uru about the dangers she will face within The Waste.  

Physical AppearanceEdit

Aloka is a very wizened and scrawny old Lyon. Although his pelt was once sandy-colored, it is now greyed with age, and his grey eyes are described as rheumy or watery. His mane is almost all white, also with age, but its original color is not stated. It is also noted that he has arthritis in his legs.


He is wise, but airy. Much like the other lyons living there, he is harsh and serious, though not really overt about the former. Owing to his age, it isn't uncommon for him to fall-asleep standing up. When awakened from these little naps, he can become quite temperamental if they are commented upon.


In The Forges of DawnEdit

Aloka works as "Vision-Seeker" (their term for a Seer) for the Barbari pride led by the cousins Iz and Sinivali. He is called in to tell Uhuru/Uru what he as seen in his wooden ball about her coming excursion into The Waste, and none of it is very promising. Although his vision was mainly negative, he does tell Uru that she has a slim chance of surviving if she can find a certain object inside the Waste. He can tell her almost nothing about this object, only that "white is its color and its core". After that, Aloka falls silent and speaks to Uru no more.