"Dawn" "Before Daybreak" [Swahili]
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The Road To Ruin
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Hila (mother)
Galaka (brother)
Ledimo (brother)

Alfajiri is the eldest of Hila's three sons and field leader of the King Slayers. He is a part of the Shard Sultanate.


Alfajiri is a cautious and deep thinking lyon. He is weak willed though and very quiet. However, he does put on a tough, confident front.


Alfajiri's pelt is grey, tinged very, very lightly with red. His underpelt is not so tinged and lighter in color, nor does it reach his paws. His eyes are orange and his muzzle lacks coloring on his bottom jaw. Alfajiri's face is very angular, cheekbones high and prominent. His chin is also very scruffy and his nose is dark grey. There are two scars across the bridge of his nose. His mane is pale grey and somewhat thick, darker around his forelegs. There a few smaller scars on his shoulder.



As the oldest of the three brothers, Alfajiri is de facto leader of their escapades. He puts on quite the strong face and acts completely sure of himself at all times, but inside he is ever fretting. He worries about disappointing their mother and of being cast aside, to suffer with the other males; desperation colors all his actions, even as those decisions are covered up by that constant show of bravado. To all eyes he appears the perfect soldier, but oh he is weak inside. He will do anything, say anything, BE anything just to escape punishment and "dishonor". Of the three, he is most likely to follow all letters of the law in their assignments, and clashes with the other two when they try to tweak his plans.

His brothers are fairly loyal to him, but they don't always like him; Galaka thinks he's a bit of a coward where it counts, and Ledimo hates how Alfajiri treats him like he's still a child. They follow where he leads, however, and their mother Hila takes praise from their Sultana at how well she has molded her offspring into a cohesive unit. Her "King Slayers" have never failed her yet.

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