"Scary Creature", "Boogeyman" [Luo]
Empires of Sand
Character Sheet
Close Kin
Haramia (mother)
Jajiko (father)
Kai (sister)

Akoko is the elder sister of Kai, and the Duchess of Green Ridges after her parents are executed.


Akoko closely resembles her sister -- both have yellow eyes, a ridge of fur standing atop their heads, and tipped ears. Only Akoko is noticeably more scruffy, and a slightly duskier orange color than Kai. Her tail tuft is a dark brown, her paws lack color, and her nose is pale, dusky brown.


Akoko is short-tempered and foul-mouthed, but she is loyal to the bone to her own people. Very aggressive and very brash, her insubordination and willfulness cost her the lives of her own parents upon Usodai's orders.


Before EoSEdit

Akoko is the firstborn of two twin sisters in Greed Ridges, and with no male to supersede her, stands to rule as Duchess one day. Her sister, whom she cares for deeply, is slated to marry Jakada but apparently commits suicide before any marriage can actually happen. The people of green ridges, however, smell a rat and Akoko is quick to point the finger at the Imperial Family and outright call them murders. Wanting to put to the contention down, Usodai misjudges it's source and has her parents killed and only Ayana 's pleading saves Akoko from suffering a similar fate. Angrier now than ever, Akoko continues down the warpath.

In Empires of SandEdit


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